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The Body: Week 3

What is the body of Christ?

Is it a bunch of bodies warming a set of pews?

Is it a holy huddle of fanatics fearful of the outside world?

Or is it a Jesus-centered family of servants and disciples with a God-sized goal of spreading the Gospel?

Dan Ketterman preaches on living in a missional community in this week’s sermon.

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The Body: Week 2

The world says, "Make a name for yourself." 

Jesus says, "Do NOTHING out of selfish ambition."

The world says, "Look out for Number One."

Jesus says, "Count others more significant than yourself."

The world walks around saying, "Do you know who I AM?!"

Jesus walks around saying, "Do you know who you are?"

Steve Rieske talks about how God will deliver the greatness our hearts long His time. 

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