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Hello Ephesus: Week 5

“WIVES, SUBMIT TO YOUR HUSBANDS.” This simple verse has caused more frustration, abuse, and heartache than we’d care to admit. But in this week’s message, Steve Rieske unpacks the context of the apostle Paul’s words to show that what is implied here is that this is a method and a mandate for ALL Christians to get life: by giving it. By submitting in love to one another. By bearing each other’s burdens. By giving up our lives for His sake, to find them again.

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Hello Ephesus: Week 4

In week 4 of our Ephesians series, the Apostle Paul and Steve Rieske urge us to—in light of what we have learned about Jesus and what he has done for us—walk as Children of the Light. If you’ve ever wondered how to actually live a life of light and love, this message is for you.

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Hello Ephesus: Week 3

When it comes to trying to be better people, we typically fall into one of two camps: the religious rule-followers who try really hard to get it right and judge everyone else for not doing so…or the “do-whatever-you-want-if-it’s-not-hurting-anyone” laissez-faire-ers. But there is a Third Way—the way of Jesus. Steve Rieske discusses the third way in this week’s sermon.

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