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“Who am I?” is probably one of the most significant questions any of us can ask of ourselves. Amy Seiffert explores identity and who God says we are in this standalone sermon



GOD CARES ABOUT SEX. A LOT. But why? What’s the big deal?



“Cast all your anxiety on him, for he cares for you.” A bold biblical command—but how do we actually do it?



Marriage is hard. And yet, God says it’s supposed to be a picture of how Jesus loves the church. Join us as we dive into the highs and lows of marriage in this week’s message.


1 Peter

What does it mean to be a “royal priesthood”, to live as a people set-apart?


A Challenge To Train

Steve Rieskes invites us to create a new kind of New Year’s Resolution for 2019.


The Colt to the Cross

This Easter, we look at Jesus, the King of Contrasts, as he goes from splendor to sacrifice on his journey to the Cross.

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The Road to Jerusalem

Similar to most epic tales of adventure and sacrifice, there came a point in Jesus’ ministry where he had to set his face toward the most epic trials and battle of his earthly life. We look at this moment in scripture in this series.


Sacred Rhythms

Sacraments can feel like weird and ancient initiation rites that are out of touch with the current culture. What are sacraments and how can they play a part in modern spirituality?

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Who Is This Man?

The beginning of the gospel of Luke resonates with one question: “Who is this man?” Join us as we explore who Jesus is and how others react to him.


Advent 2018

Sometimes we sing Christmas carols without thought, but what does it really mean to “let every heart prepare him room”? What’s the meaning behind “Let earth receive her king”? This holiday season, Brookside seeks to unpack the meaning of Christmas.


Comfort In The Valley

Amy Seiffert unpacks how Psalm 23 is relevant for every high and low point of our lives.


Hello, Ephesus

Paul’s letter to the Ephesian church plumbs the heights and depths of God’s love and shows how He has destined us for far more than we could ever ask or imagine.


An Invitation to Die

Legend has it that the first marathon runner died the moment he crossed the finish line. See what Christians have in common with that poor guy as Ricky May walks through Hebrews 12.


God As My Friend

Do you consider God your friend? Do you know He desires a friendship with you? Dr. Michael Brown discusses friendship with the Father.


God's Love, Our Choice

We need God and we need each other. This series is all about how God's people accomplish his will and bring about Kingdom life here on Earth.


Fall Kick Off

As college students infuse Bowling Green with new life, Brookside takes a moment to welcome them home!

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Parable of the Talents

Steve takes a look at an often misunderstood parable from Matthew 25:14–30



Reconciliation is not just about God reconciling himself to us. He expects of all that follow Him to learn to forgive and to learn to be the sort of people who rescue and redeem broken relationships.



Four different talks from four different speakers exploring on a practical and personal level what walking with God is like. 



Happy Father's Day! We love hearing 5 truths about being a father who shapes the culture of his family from Dr. Michael Brown. 



At the very heart of the Christian life the questions burns, "Does my Father in Heaven love me and can I trust Him?" Those same questions were answered by Jesus when he was tempted in the wilderness. These three sermons follow Him into the desert so we can learn to answer the questions the way He did.



We often think of our spiritual gifts as something that has been given to us for our benefit, but gifts are actually what we get to *give*. This one explores how to give gifts so that others are blessed.



Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are the children of one's youth. What does this mean and how should we see our arrows? Amy Seiffert unpacks this and more on Mother's Day! 



Long ago, Jesus left his Holy Spirit with the apostles to go forth and build the church. These sermons explore the events in the book Acts that show how the worldwide Christian movement began.