Protégé is about transformation from the inside out. It is for leaders who long to grow into their God-given potential and give their lives to serving others.



During the course of 9 months (September through May), each protégé will receive personal and customized investment from seasoned leaders who are further into their walk with Jesus and more seasoned in leadership and ministry. In addition, protégés will commit to fulfilling a meaningful leadership role at Brookside Church by leading or significantly supporting a key area of ministry(i.e. kids, worship, setup and tear down, video/graphics, etc.).



In a given month, protégés will experience a variety of mediums that foster learning:

  • Bi-weekly learning group with other protégés that will follow a unique curriculum designed to catalyze growth and provide content that challenges and shapes significant foundations of thought, theology, character, and ministry practices.
  • Receive monthly mentoring from people within our community.
  • Participation in monthly interactions with remarkable ministry leaders who stand out in their unique vantage point and application of their gifts in their particular spheres of influence; this involves local as well as nation-wide leaders who interact with protégés in person and online.
  • Weekly reading and listening of selected material (books, articles, blogs, podcasts, videos, etc.).
  • Unique self-assessments along with accompanying coaching and a determined roadmap for ongoing growth. 
  • Opportunity to identify and utilize gifts, abilities, and talents in ministry (will include specific and personal feedback and input for development). 
  • Every protégé will gain critical ministry experience through leading or significantly supporting a key ministry at Brookside. 
  • Our two primary goals for a protege are: (1) to accelerate their growth in character, relationships and leadership, AND (2) to cultivate environments and relationships that foster genuine life-transformation for Kingdom impact. 
  • Each protege will be involved in leading a ministry or playing a significant role in the leadership of a ministry: could include musical worship, kids/youth, connect, video/media, sound/tech, Missional Communities, service ministries, and more.



We are currently accepting applications. Each protégé will be expected to raise support for their experience, a total of $2500 is expected before the start of the Protégé program. The moneys raised will cover a portion of the costs accrued for development throughout the nine months, including conference(s); there will be some other minimal costs (food, a few books, etc.). It is a volunteer position with a 10-12 hour a week commitment. You will not be paid throughout the experience, therefore you will need to have employment in addition to this experience. Interested in applying? Apply here.