Session 17: How to Use a Missional Community Meeting

There are usually lots of questions about what a MC meeting looks like….

  • A MC is not a meeting, it is a people who are living in the ebb and flow of life on mission in a particular place to a particular people. Let’s have that in front of us as we discuss—because the temptation will be to think of things in terms of programs and meetings rather than a way of living.

With that said you will have meetings

  • If you only have the meeting, youll kind of end up stagnating and doing the same thing over and over instead of leading people as missionary servants.

  • You’re a family, so you do what suits and matches the needs and rhythms of the family. Think about how you meet in terms of a few key things.

Key Things to remember for MC meetings

  • Rhythms of the culture—EX we want to reach college students! Let’s have a bible study at the beginning of the semester…might be better to move people in and cook them meals for a month.

    • EX: reaching artists. Weekly rhythms. Late nights on weekends, sleeping in.

    • EX: reaching a business culture, short lunch meeting that will equip the people on mission.

  • Upcoming Events—Keep key upcoming events in mind when you think of MC meetings—Christmas, Thanksgiving, springtime, etc. How do you bless people in these times? Back to school supplies, helping people buy clothes, or sports equipment,

  • State of our Group—Pay attention to their needs

    • Might not know how to build relationships with people who aren’t Christians, or read the bible, or pray—spend a few weeks on these things.

    • Leaders need to regularly stop and ask:

      • Where do we need to grow?

      • Where are we effective?

      • What are your needs?

  • Breath in, Breath out

    • Breath In—focus on us, get healthy, minister to the believers who are driving your community. You may need a few months at a time. Not saying no to the mission, but our weekly meeting might be spent on building each other up in Christ

    • Breath Out—missional, inviting lost, gathering and going out to meet people.

    • There are seasons here—Breathing in might mean the winter time, breathing out might mean summer.

  • Size of the Group

    • Large group—might not be able to do everything that other groups do. Have dinner together, talk, kids don’t kill each other. Don’t feel like we didn’t get anything done.  

  • Be Realistic

    • Give yourself the freedom to only have one or two objectives in these meetings. Being together consistently is part of being the Church. Being together is success, where Christ shows up in the middle—very reproducible. Walking in the spirit.

  • Spontaneity

    • You might have a plan, and then someone reveals that their husband is leaving them. Now, this is what our meeting is about. Be willing to follow the real need of the group.

      • Caveat—don’t let this always drive your group….the spirit will lead you.

What are some different kinds of meetings? (The above points will lead you in this…)

  • Bible Study—if you just talk about what it means and do not put it into practice. Don’t be merely hearers of the word, but doers of the word. –the state of our group might show that we need to study the bible, or we are in a breathing in now, or we aren’t very big yet, etc

    • Whenever you study the bible in a group, don’t walk away knowing more. Commit to ask: Who does this change me, and what will I do about it; what does it change about us, and what do we do about it; how will we live it on mission?—this is great because it really asks if we believe and not if we just understand

    • Don’t just study anything (unless you are just teaching people to read the bible), look at what you need right now. Maybe we need to study gossip, or suffering, or loving one another

  • Family Meal—break bread together and be the body together. Some people don’t sit down and have a meal together, so they need that as a season and learn to have a family meal together. Not in front of a tv or entertainment other than food and people. Many people don’t know how to do that. Many people need to learn how to do this.

  • Open Hang Time—might have a game night, or go bowling, or chill out. But…we didn’t have a bible study!—“no, we actually obeyed the bible this week.” Some Christians don’t know that it is wonderful and good to have fun and play games. These things build trust and friendship. If it is always serious, then it is difficult to make it last.

  • Special Events—birthdays, holidays, etc. Play for sure, but also celebrate. See these as very important opportunities.

  • Recalibration—sometimes you need to ‘shock the system.’ We got in a rut because we started doing the same thing every week. We served a middle school and families there…I thought we could change from Wednesday to Friday night and people didn’t like it. People struggled to believe that we were a missional community because we changed the day! MCs aren’t a meeting time—they are a family of people on mission together. Maybe we’ll split the group up for a summer and meet at two different times. ETC—you can do different things.

  • Plan Ahead—let’s develop a plan together, with the group so that we are on the same page. Not everyone has to agree with everything, but they get to speak into it, they need to understand where they are going and why.

  • Stories/prayer—might spend a season hearing everyone’s story and pray. How do you go on mission together if you don’t know the people you are with?

Questions for Reflection

  • 1. What’s the rhythm of the culture we are reaching and how would that inform what we do in our meetings?

  • 2. What’s the present state of the MC that we have and what do we need to do next to help them forward?

  • 3. How do we think we need to change what we’ve been doing in our meetings for this next season?