The church is a mission and Brookside is on mission in Bowling Green and beyond. We strive to partner and support ministries to reach and serve peoples that we as Brookside cannot. Every year Brookside now gives over 10% of its annual budget to missions beyond itself and half of that goes to planting churches.

Local Partnerships

Bowling Green food Pantry

Bowling Green Salvation Army

Bowling Green Pregnancy center

Global Connections

Young Life


Daughter Project

Regional/ National Partnerships

Crosspoint Church Plant- Lima, OH

Restore Church Plant - Detroit, Mi

Start Churches - Great Lakes Church Planting 

Great Lakes Disctrict

Reach National EFCA

Global Partnerships

South East Asia - We support a family reaching an unreached people group in undisclosed country

In addtion to our regular missions giving we have dozens of people going on short term missions nationally and internationally as well as summer projects through CRU.

If you have any questions that need immediate attention, please contact Beth Stratman at