Joining a Community Group

Why do people join a community group?

People join Community Groups for a number of reasons. You might have a passion for mission, compassion for certain people, affinity toward a particular CG leader, chemistry with group, or you might be training to launch a separate CG. There are a lot of reasons why you might join a community group. Mainly, CG's are focus on living out the upward, inward, and outward of the Church through our definition of a community group: "A Family of Disciples of Jesus Sent to BLESS a Pocket of People." For more info on what that means, click here.

Brookside Community Groups

Contact a family for gathering times and more information. And for general questions about Community Groups contact Amy Seiffert: 

Crawford/Iler/Stalets C-Group giving lift and love to Truman and Madison streets

  • Kevin and Dulcie Crawford:
  • Ashley and Tony Iler: 

Seiffert/Alt C-Group giving lift and love to Pheasant Farms/Dakota Ct

  • Rob and Amy Seiffert:
  • Andy and Jamie Alt:

Gawron C-Group Giving Lift And Love to Perrysburg

  • Dave and Trinity Gawron:

Czerniak/Burris C-Group giving lift and love to West Bowling Green

  • Marybeth and Jim Czerniak:
  • Justin and Katie Burris: 

Grossman CG giving lift and love to Central Bowling Green

  • Erica and Jon Grossman:
    (419) 494-3980

Stratman CG giving lift and love to International students at BGSU

  • Mark and Beth Stratmann:

Brown/Rieske CG giving lift and love to Conneaut School and Bird Streets

  • Michael and Teresa Brown:
  • Steve and Sandy Rieske:

Gillispie CG giving lift and love to Cogan’s Crossing South 

  • Nick and Ali Gillispie:

Lake/Crites CG Giving Lift and Love to Cogan's Crossing North

  • Ashley and Tony Lake:

Bannister CG Giving LIft and Love to "The Oldsters"

  • Savilla and Rob Bannister:


  • Erin Kessler: