Joining a Community Group

Why do people join a community group?

People join Community Groups for a number of reasons. You might have a passion for mission, compassion for certain people, affinity toward a particular CG leader, chemistry with group, or you might be training to launch a separate CG. There are a lot of reasons why you might join a community group. Mainly, CG's are focus on living out the upward, inward, and outward of the Church through our definition of a community group: "A Family of Disciples of Jesus Sent to BLESS a Pocket of People." For more info on what that means, click here.

Brookside Community Groups

Contact a family for gathering times and more information. And for general questions about Community Groups contact Amy Seiffert: 

Crawford/Iler/Stalets C-Group giving lift and love to Truman and Madison streets

Seiffert/Alt C-Group giving lift and love to Pheasant Farms/Dakota Ct

Gawron C-Group Giving Lift And Love to Perrysburg

Czerniak/Burris C-Group giving lift and love to West Bowling Green

Grossman CG giving lift and love to Central Bowling Green

Stratman CG giving lift and love to International students at BGSU

Brown/Rieske CG giving lift and love to Conneaut School and Bird Streets

Gillispie CG giving lift and love to Cogan’s Crossing South 

Lake/Crites CG Giving Lift and Love to Cogan's Crossing North

Bannister CG Giving LIft and Love to "The Oldsters"