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Brookside Baptism

You're thinking about baptism?--that is awesome! But, there is a lot to know about baptism--and lots of info we need if you are signing up to be baptized! A few things we'll need you to do. 

Steps to be Baptized:

  1. Sign up for the Baptism
  2. Watch the message below on baptism.
  3. Read the info below in order to learn more about baptism.
  4. SUPER IMPORTANT: Fill out the application below so we can follow up with you.

1. Sign Up for the Baptism

Name *

2. Watch this message on Baptism

3. Read about Baptism

Click this link to find our page that will answer some of the questions you have about Brookside. Reading that page is not required, but it can be really helpful. 

4. Fill out the Application

So, last thing. Please fill out the form so we have the necessary information from you for the baptism! We'll connect with you once you submit the form. Keep in mind: You cannot save your progress on this form. If you want to type your responses in a word document and then paste them in, that is okay too. Thanks for your interest...We're SO EXCITED that you are moving toward baptism. 

Name *
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Your Address *
Your Address
Phone Number
Phone Number
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