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The Gospel of Matthew: Enter the King

Learn about the Kingdom in the Gospel of Matthew

This is an invite to a journey to rediscover Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. I am praying that if you come along you will grow immensely in three areas.

1. Being a disciple of Jesus.
2. Being a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven
3. Understanding your crucial role in eternity.

Each week, you will be required to
>> complete a reading assignment (after the first few weeks, these will usually be short)
>> watch an hour-long lecture from Dallas Willard on the Sermon on the Mount (all on youtube)
>> complete any writing assignments (only four out of the eleven weeks
and none more than a page)
>> attend class discussion on the assignment (we will meet eleven times)

WHEN: 8pm on Thursday evenings beginning May 19--for 11 weeks.

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WHERE: 1507 Cardinal Dr. in Bowling Green

COST: $50 (which is returned if you successfully finish the course!)


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Intellectual knowledge gained in a class does not always translate into useful life change. The sad fact is that seminaries are packed with men and women who fill their minds with knowledge that never affects how they live, how they think, or even how they feel. I spoke recently with a doctoral candidate in Biblical studies who keeps a list of twelve things they can never forgive their spouse for. How can a person know so much about Jesus and not have His teachings change their world-view?

But the opposite is also true. Churches are packed with men and women who honestly long to have their lives changed by Jesus but don’t understand His teaching or how He offers to change their lives. They are unaware of the story He has written them into, and all too often live their lives trying to squeeze Him down into being an accessory in the story the Enemy has deceived us into believing. Unless they study Jesus and His teachings, how can they become like Him? How can they find the life He designed for them?


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