Cru is Brookside's college ministry located on the campus of Bowling Green State University.

Cru is filled with people who want to think about life. About culture. About faith and hope and love. About why things are the way they are. About who God is. And is not. We are explorers, making our way through the muddy paths of life. Asking questions. Meeting others. Learning and growing and thinking.
As one of the largest campus organizations at BGSU, we want to give shape to the campus Core Value of "Intellectual and Personal Growth." We are a Christian organization ready to hear your thoughts and questions and to ask questions - not necessarily giving answers - in return.

View our staff page for Nick and Lori (Our Cru Director's) contact information or check out BGCRU's website for more information.

CRU - Every Thursday 9 pm Olscamp 101

Life groups: Smaller Setting. Greater Depth.

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