Shared Leadership: Everyone Plays!

Distributing Responsibility

The Saturate Podcast is a GREAT podcast on missional communities. I encourage you to listen. Such great stuff! I listened to Shared Leadership today:


"Hero Leadership is a dead end. When a leader tries to take on all the responsibilities, trying to be the hero, sooner or later, burn out happens. Leadership sharing isn’t optional. Even if you are a gifted person/couple. Burnout is around the corner. We need everyone's gifts." 


With a new fall season coming, talk with your group about how everyone plays!


Everybody Plays: Some ideas for distributing responsibility that Saturate suggests

  1. Hospitality People: those who will host your group in their home

  2. Teaching/ Discussion leaders

  3. Missional Catalyzer(s): thinking how to reach people beyond their borders

  4. Shepherding Person(s): Is helping to counsel others

  5. Meal Coordinator 

  6. Childcare Servants: Some groups have kids 5 and under - one couple could rotate in staying with kids to serve each time to bless the greater group.

  7. Huddle/Clean Up point person. (For our group we say: Families all help clean up!) 

  8. Prayer Coordinator 

Each time we meet, we Huddle first! 

  1. We all huddle up as kids and adults in the kitchen before we eat (it's rowdy but everyone hears how the night goes). Someone leads this that is NOT the hosting family. 

  2. This person shares the house rules for the night (no kids in bedrooms, only food in this certain space, etc).

  3. Then they ask for everyone to go around and say their name and what they brought (so we all learn names and faces for newcomers).

  4. This person also thanks the host family for hosting and asks everyone to please pitch in and help with dishes, playroom, and any space used at the end of the time before you leave. Everything is from our Father, let's take care of it. (often my house looks better than when it started and it’s amazing!)

  5. The huddle then asks someone ELSE to pray for the meal and time. 

*A note to shared leaders: put times on your calendar to have a meal, just as shared leaders to encourage one another. Bless one another. Celebrate. Pray. Talk about what you heard while prayer. Think through Making Disciples, Mission, Family. 

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