Gatherings and Meetings

By Amy Seiffert

Some of us have felt the tension, the fight, the chaos of trying to actually have a discussion with many loud and lively kiddos right in the same room (or nearby) - during those Colorful Meals we’ve talked about. We want to have times where kids are involved in our Community Group - but having real discussion, bible teaching, sharing and prayer is quite a stretch during the Colorful times. So how do we do this?

Have Gatherings:

Gatherings have no agenda. Gatherings are simply coming together and naturally hanging out, sharing food, playing games, having coffee, grilling out, doing whatever in the world is fun and life-giving or low key and just being. Not everyone in your CG needs to be at these Gatherings, as they are a more casual time together. Have them planned or impromptu. Have fun!

Gatherings can do a few things:
-could be a time to invite your pocket of people
-most routinely include family life and children and colorfulness ;)
-are life-giving to the Family 

Have Meetings:

This is where the Family is coming together and being brothers and sisters in Christ. Where we have bible study and real sharing and prayer and a Calm Meal together. 

Meetings do a few things:
-give time and space to be the body of Christ
-inward and discipleship focused
-makes sure THIS is the spot where you ALL make time to come - you clear schedules and decide to be there

Gatherings are very social in nature, all inclusive, connecting in small ways as you are together. 
Meetings have content together, bible study, discussion, vision and planning for what’s to come in your inward, outward and upward pursuits. And there needs to be a healthy balance of both - as your group sees fit.

As always, please send this to your entire CG if it would help in any way!

Amy Seiffert
Director of Outward Movement 

Samuel Schmitt