That Confusing Pocket of People

May our Pocket of People be roomy and open, not sewn tight.

A Community Group is a family of disciples of Jesus sent to bless a pocket of people.


What is a "pocket of people"? It usually falls into two kinds of categories: Geography (like a neighborhood) or a Network (like Graduate students, Rotary Club members, International students/friends).


Thankfully, our church is built upon men and women of mission. Many of us came out of Young Life, Cru, or a church background that gave a grid for loving non-believers well and sharing Christ with the lost in a relational way. And so we currently have a lot of existing relationships in our work place, our neighborhoods, our social circles, and our families that don’t know Christ - because we are on mission.


But we have often loved our friends alone. We may share about a spiritual conversation we have had with a non-believing friend  - but we have not introduced our friend(s) to others who also know Jesus. 


A pocket of people may have a heavy connection for just a few of you (maybe just a few of you live in the neighborhood you are reaching) and may not have much meaning to others in your CG. But, regarding a pocket of people, the whole point is that you are loving others together. Introducing that pocket of people to Jesus and to your family in Christ. Together. 


Together is the key idea here. We want to introduce those who do not know our awesome King to those who do know Him. You know your lost friends - but they don't know your friends - your Jesus-family.  Introducing them to your Jesus-family - to the greater Body of Christ - is a gift you can give your non-believing friends. Something beautiful happens when those who are lost see God's Family treating each other like family; they see an upside-down kingdom and they see the King Himself.  

So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.
— John 13:34-35

Community (being Family) is a powerful place where we experience God. We are sons and daughters of a good Heavenly Father making us family. Through the Family of God, Jesus and His kingdom are displayed.


Yes, this is a post about the outward movement of a CG - but it absolutely hinges on the inward movement as brothers and sisters in Christ. If we don't love each other well, forgive each other, enjoy each other, humble ourselves before one another - even know one another's story - then loving on a pocket of people together will feel forced and hard. Having a cohesive, strengthened, and positive family culture in your group will be necessary when welcoming others. All to say, being Family and being Sent Ones are interdependent. For more on Family, read Steve Rieske's enlightening blog here.


Maybe you can easily define your pocket as a neighborhood or network and maybe you cannot. Maybe you all have existing relationships in a huge suburb, so your pocket is that huge suburb. But the whole heart behind having a pocket of people is that you are introducing your lost friends to your Jesus-family in tangible, practical ways. And together, as a Family, you are reaching out to love others.


What does this look like? Since this is the outward piece of our CGs (we have three pieces: Inward as Family, Upward as Disciples, and Outward as Sent Ones) we want to think through ways to have our non-believing friends meet our Jesus-family. Put three wine tasting nights on your calendars this year as a CG and invite your non-believing friends to join you those nights. Have 3 summer cookouts with yard games and children everywhere in the warmer months - set aside to invite your pocket of people. Or have a euchre night with drinks, appetizers and a round robin -  switching partners after 3 games. There are so many possibilities to reach out to your non-believing friends - together! 


After you've done something like that, come together as a Family and share who you met, what you learned, what could be done better or differently. Was it fun? Was it hard? Did you walk by faith - together? See what you find. Who knows what God has in store for your Jesus-family!


As well, even if your pocket of people is easily defined - feel very free to include those you are already WITH and are ONE OF naturally. We have roommates and co-workers and friends and neighbors we have invested in for God’s Kingdom for years. They need a place to experience God’s Family, too. So, of course include them in your pocket of people even if they don’t “fit” into your defined pocket. Walk with God’s Spirit and see how He prompts you to do that. Dive into that defined pocket together as well as include those who God has already made you ONE OF naturally. 


May our Pocket of People be roomy and open, not sewn tight.

Amy Seiffert